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Cleaning dirty shower and counter grout

You would need a general cleaner and a grout brush or a stiff hand brush. Grout lines have a tendency to get dirty especially when not sealed. First, test if the grout is in good order and not breaking up into powder when scrubbed. Using Read more

Cleaning shower walls in the bathroom

Shower walls are covered with dried soap suds. Getting the walls cleaned means removing the soap suds. Items you would need include a tile cleaner, tile brush for scrubbing, a white pad for shower doors and a tooth brush. Begin by Read more

Toilet rings

Toilet rings can become persistent. First try powder cleansers. This should generally be adequate. However if it no longer disappears, Read more

Streaky Mirrors

Mirrors have uneven surfaces despite its seeming smoothness. The grooves on the surface of the mirror have a tendency to trap water leaving streaks on the mirror face when they dry out. To avoid streaks, Read more