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Ceramic floors

Ceramic floors come in many types and sizes.  There are two common surfaces, glazed and unglazed surfaces.  Glazed surfaces normally have a glossy finish and appear shinny.  Unglazed surfaces tend to have a dull surface but may also come with a glossy appearance if a surface coating is applied.

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Carpets come beautiful and of a variety of threads.  From nylon, through cotton to wool, you will find carpets of many types. The most important thing to keep carpets clean is to vacuum it regularly. Unfortunately this simple activity is often ignored until the dust shows up and the carpet begins to become a health hazard.  Having the discipline to keep your carpets regularly vacuumed will make them stay healthy for longer.

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Wooden Floors

Wooden floors continue to undergo many improvements and are getting more easier to maintain. From the use of solid wood, laminates to engineered wooden floor types, they come across as floors with natural beauty. It is important that one can differentiate the various floor types so that one can undertake restorative cleaning when required.

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Terrazzo Floors

Terrazzo floors are staging a resurgence. It's advantages are generally due to its economy, strength and ease of care. Generally terrazzo floor are suitable for areas where under foot comfort, noise control, and intricate floor designs are not important.

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