Cleaning Newsletter and Tips



Exhaust filters

The filter in the stove hood get dirty and need to be cleaned periodically. If allowed to remain, it soon becomes ineffective and does not trap the fat they were designed to. Most dirty filters can be cleaned by using Read more

Greasy Backsplashes

As with any cleaning tasks, the earlier, the better! Not only will greasy backsplashes become unsightly behind the oven, it could also become a health hazard. Left for too long, it would no longer respond to ordinary soap and water. To clean the greasy backsplashes Read more

Cleaning Can Openers

The can opener has a tendency to get really dirty with use over time. Cleaning a can opener can be quite easy. One needs Read more

Sticker Residue

With age, stickers can get tough to peel off. First remove the top layer exposing the glue residue. To remove the glue, Read more