Office cleaning

Following a good cleaning plan will result in consistently clean office. Let us work with you using a plan that works for you.

Office cleaning

A clean office involves attending to other items beyond general cleaning. We have the tools to service your other cleaning needs.

Office cleaning

Having systems to monitor the time cleaners spend on your job will result in giving cleaning tasks enough time. We track employees to ensure your office is consistently clean.

A Commercial and Office Cleaning Service designed for your operations

Our commercial cleaning services handles your cleaning needs professionally.  Whether your cleaning needs are for Commercial Office buildings, Retail stores, Industrial and Medical facilities, we would agree a cleaning plan that meets your budget and provides you an environmentally friendly safe environment for your operations.

PAVE Cleaning would provide daily, weekly, or monthly office cleaning and janitorial services for your operations.  By providing our own cleaning materials and equipment, you can be sure that your cleaning needs would be completed properly.  From dusting, trash removal, disinfecting, wiping, vacuuming, spotting, mopping, restrooms, kitchens, boardrooms, waiting rooms, and window cleaning, we would try and exceed your expectations always.

At PAVE Cleaning, we do not only clean for appearance, but also for health and would use environmentally safe cleaning products in all our work.

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