Specialty cleaning

A clean floor sparkles a room. We help you maintain your tile floors as they should.

Specialty cleaning

Carpets require periodic thorough cleaning to make them last long. We work with you to cover all your carpet cleaning requirements.

Specialty cleaning

Clean curtains make your room feel fresh. We assist you clean all your curtain types.

Specialty cleaning

Blinds are properly cleaned through ultrasonic cleaning. Let's work with you clean your blinds the way they should.

Specialty cleaning

Do you have equipment parts, tools or difficult to clean items. Ultrasonic cleaning is the answer. Let's work with you to clean your items like new.

Specialty cleaning

We provide water tank cleaning and pressure washing of your compound. We are a one stop cleaning service provider.

Carpet, Floor, Window and Other cleaning assignments

Beside the regular cleaning requirements, there are other items that need to be cleaned periodically. From cleaning of computer keyboards in the office to cleaning of the artificial plant in our house, cleaning needs needs to be thorough and be done with the right equipment to avoid damage. PAVE Cleaning provides many cleaning options due to the wide range of equipment we possess. We aspire to be your once stop cleaning service provider.

Below is a list of some of the other cleaning services we provide:

A. Carpet Cleaning
With our carpet maintenance program, we will maintain your carpets fresh for many years keeping your indoor environment healthy. Our maintenance programs will take into account the requirements of manufacturers as well as your budget. A good carpet program consists of using environmentally friendly chemicals, entrance matting, proper vacuuming and hot water extraction.

B. Hard Surface Floor Care
Proper maintenance including routine floor care would keep your floors looking great for many years adding to the overall image and beauty of your facility. We have programs designed for different floor types such as ceramic tiles, terrazzo, marble and wooden floors. Our floor care services include:

- Stripping, Sealing and Waxing

- Machine Scrubbing

- High Speed Buffing

- Tile and Grout Cleaning

C. Window Cleaning
Clean windows improve visibility and make work environments friendlier, improving productivity. Our window cleaning professionals are fully trained and committed to safety. Window cleaning services include exterior window cleaning, interior windows and partition cleaning and removal of hard water stains.

D. Ultrasonic Cleaning
Ultrasonic cleaning offers the most efficient means of cleaning difficult to clean items. Using sound waves, items are cleaned gently and effectively. Are you in need of cleaning difficult to clean items in your office, home or hospital. Do you need to clean smoke or mold damaged items, try ultrasonic cleaning and see the items restored like new. Our cleaning includes:

- Window blinds cleaning

- Machine parts cleaning

- Restoration of smoke or mold damaged items

- Chandelier or light diffuser cleaning

- IV pole and other medical equipment cleaning

- Curtain cleaning

E. Water Tank Cleaning
Water tanks are an essential part of our solution to intermittent water supplies at home. However, water tanks should be cleaned every 2 years at least to protect the water quality. We offer a hygienic way to clean your tanks. Our cleaning process include:

- Extraction of sludge in the tank

- High pressure washing of the tank

- Treatment with anti-bacterial agents

- UV light radiation

Cleaning may require more than a simple piece of equipment to do right. We would like to work with you to ensure that the right cleaning procedure is used to address your cleaning concerns.

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