A clean home

Coming home to a clean living room lifts everyone's spirit. Getting your living room that way should not be difficult with the right partner.

A clean home

The kitchen is a special place. We keep it thoroughly clean after each cleaning.

A clean home

A good night sleep is the least you deserve after a hard day. We will make sure you return to a clean bed after each cleaning.

Residential Cleaning Service:

PAVE Cleaning is a premiere provider of residential cleaning services in Ghana with a reputation for excellent service.  We provide a number of residential cleaning services including move-in / move-out cleaning, routine cleaning, and deep cleaning.

Routine Cleaning Specifications

Formal living, Dining & Family Room Areas:

* Dust furniture
* Vacuum carpets
* Clean under couch cushions
* Dust light fixtures
* Dust baseboards
* Dust windowsills
* Patio doors inside and out

Kitchen and Laundry Areas:
* Clean countertops
* Clean small kitchen appliances
* Microwave inside and out
* Stove exterior and inside oven window
* Refrigerator exterior, rubber seals and air vents
* Cabinet exterior
* Dishwasher and trash compactor exteriors
* Sink, faucet and drain
* Inside windows over sink
* Dust window sills
* Vacuum and mop floors
* Dust baseboards
* Washer and dryers exteriors

Bathrooms and Showers:
* Tub/shower stall(s)
* Commode inside and out
* Lights, mirrors and counter
* Clean cabinet exteriors
* Paper holder/towel rack
* Vacuum and mop floors and rugs
* Dust baseboard

Entry, Exit, Stairwell, Hallway:
* Dust furniture
* Dust light fixtures, lamp shades and artwork
* Vacuum and mop floors
* Dust baseboards

Bedrooms and Office Areas:
* Dust furniture
* Vacuum carpets
* Linens, change or straighten
* Dust baseboards
* Dust light fixtures, lampshades and artwork

Extra Task Assignment:

The following residential cleaning services are also available with prior notice and at additional charge
* Wash windows inside
* Wash walls and ceiling
* Empty, wipe and replace items inside the cabinets and/or hutches
* Remove shoes, etc from closets, vacuum and replace
* Vacuum drapes
* Clean ornate chandeliers
* Clean inside oven
* Clean inside refrigerator

Deep Cleaning specification:
Deep cleaning is normally undertaken before the commencement of routine cleaning activities to take out the long period of dust and dirt buildup. Deep cleaning activities include all the tasks listed under routine cleaning in addition to the following activities.

* Clean inside and behind refrigerator
* Clean inside the stove
* Light fixtures/switches throughout the house
* Clean all windowsills and window tracks throughout the house
* All window blinds throughout the house
* All baseboards throughout the house
* Very thorough dusting throughout the house

Other specialty services such as carpet cleaning, window cleaning, hard surface floor care and water tank cleaning may also be necessary.

Because of the confidence we have in the quality of our service, we do guarantee our results to meet your expectations. We promise to return within 24hrs to attend to any complaints you may have with our service if called within 24hrs of completion of our service.

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