Pave Cleaning is a full cleaning services provider in Ghana.

What can we offer for your residential, office and other cleaning needs?

At Pave Cleaning your residential, office, and specialty cleaning will be undertaken with the expertise, resources, and flexibility required to properly take care of your facility.  We are proud of our service, value for money and customer service. We Guarantee our service.  If you are not satisfied, we would return to redo the cleaning at no extra cost.

Whether you are looking for nightly, weekly or monthly cleaning for your Residential, Commercial, Industrial or Medical facilities, we will work with you to develop a cleaning program that addresses your needs.

Our residential cleaning service would leave your home clean and refreshed after each visit.  Services include dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing, and making of beds.  We use a specific checklist for each room to ensure that the needs of each room is fully attended to.

Your commercial premises must be hygienic.  We seek to support your brand identity with a cleaning environment.  We will use certified products and agree a cleaning plan with you that ensures that your premises are healthy and clean.

We also undertake the following specialty services to meet your other cleaning requirements.

- Carpet Cleaning

- Hard Surface Floor Care

- Pressure Washing

- Window Cleaning

- Window Blinds Cleaning

- Curtain Cleaning

- Water Tank Cleaning

- Parts Cleaning

- Chandelier Cleaning

- Ultrasonic Cleaning

- Smoke damage items

- Mold damage items

Whatever your cleaning requirements, just talk to us.  With our expertise, we would work with you to agree the best way to undertake it.

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