Your home is your castle

Putting up your house is expensive. We want to assist keeping it beautiful.

Your office, your pride

A beautiful office improves your image. A clean office improves your productivity

Smoke leaves sad memories

Smoke damaged items can be restored with ultrasonic cleaning. Restore your items while leaving behind the smell and having them as good as new.

Flooding need not be an end

Water can damage a lot of items and yet many of these can be restored like new. Don't simply throw them away, let's help your restore them

A Residential and Office cleaning service designed to guarantee you consistent results Each and Every time!

PAVE Cleaning is a full cleaning service provider covering residential, commercial and specialty cleaning services in Ghana at the most competitive rates. Our values are Honesty, Integrity, Professionalism and High quality of work.

At PAVE Cleaning Limited, We GUARANTEE the results of our services Each and Every Time because we would clean your items exactly the way you would have us to.

Are these your concerns with your cleaning service?

- Doors left unlocked

- Lights being left on

- Air conditioners running after cleaning

- Supplies running out without prior notification

- Inconsistent dusting

- Phone calls not being returned

- Complaints not receiving the right attention

Our cleaning service is designed to ensure your needs are fully delivered.

“What makes PAVE Cleaning Limited stand out?”

Here are some highlights of what you’ll receive with our cleaning service:

- Commitment to Professionalism

- Commitment to Training our cleaning staff

- Commitment to Verifying the criminal background of our staff

- Commitment to adequately Insuring our staff

- Unbeatable Customer Satisfaction and Personal Attention

- Computer based Cleaning Scheduling and Management

Your Investments for cleaning your facilities would always be based on:

- Detailed Measurements of all cleanable areas in your office

- A list of Recommended Cleaning Tasks and Frequencies for each cleaning task

- Custom-Made Cleaning Specifications designed specifically for your building

- An accurate Janitorial Service Cost Estimate

- Support Documents and Reports showing exactly how everything is done

You can always be clear on what to expect Each and Every Time as We GUARANTEE our results

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